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Open spaces, large horizons, minimal landscapes and dusty pink sunsets has been the inspiration for the latest collection of 100 vessels. Produced as a limited edition collection each vessel is numbered on the base 1 through to 100. There will be no more.

Made of tinted pink porcelain each vessels starts life the same weight and is wheel thrown to height and width tolerances of =/- 5mm. It is not production pottery Frank Void is just one person and each vessel is made with presence and intention, this "slow made" process I believe allows each piece time to find its own unique character and personality. 


The vessel form, handle, pink nuance and finish of the white satin glaze where developed over a couple of months through many a test piece to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. Of course this was the final result that I was the most happy with! I hope you to agree.


Tinting porcelain, Drying time, handling, handle application, glaze mixing, temperature changes, my mood, placement in the kiln all effect the outcome of each piece, this can be seen and is obvious. It is both fascinating and a marvel to witness the outcome and see each piece side by side and the different characteristics. Siblings. To be celebrated. This is handmade. Although the intention is to create each equal, forces out of my control work to infuse different personalities or end results.

Made with love and intent 🖤 Frank Void

OUTSIDE: 3/4 Custom FrankVoid White Satin Glaze bottom 1/4 and base Raw clay body finish, as is the top rim/lip. Dusty pink porcelain.

INSIDE: Custom Frank Void White Satin

SIZE: W 7cm H 7cm ish

VOLUMNE: 7.5oz / 225ml or Small T/A

COLOURS: Dusty Pink Porcelain body with White Satin icing glaze.

  • CARE
    Frank Void dusty pink vessels are designed and created to live in a commercial environment they are both functional and food safe. They will survive the microwave, dishwasher.

    But best practice like all things loved and cherished would be to treat with care and hand wash.

    All surfaces are sealed on your Frank Void vessel either with glaze that you can see or the raw surface of the clay body has been fired to a vitrified temperature. The Outside is a soft touch Satin and may over time stain with coffee and tea, if you do not like this patina effect you can use a diluted bleach to restore.

    Photo of image is shot to represent the vessel as close as possible but may vary slightly in real life.


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