F A Q ' S




Frank Void vessels are designed and created to live in a commercial environment they are both functional and food safe. They can survive the microwave, dishwasher or oven.

But best practice like all things loved and cherished would be to treat with care and hand wash for longevity.

All surfaces are sealed on your Frank Void vessel either with glaze that you can see or on the raw surface of the clay body has been sealed with a food safe sealer that repels water & other liquids, & greatly minimises the staining caused by fats, acids & alkalis.


Each and every Frank void vessel is handmade Frank Void and carefully considered to be as perfect as the original design intended. But each will have makers marks unique to each piece we celebrate these and take care not to fix them, these are the personality traits and the beauty that is individually handmade.

Every vessels starts as a specific weight and mix of clay this is the consistent, in the making process  Frank measures to width, tolerances will be within +/- 5mm.

The image of this product is shot to represent the vessel colour and tone as close as possible. It will be slightly different in real life, due to the magic of camera, digital, screens, lighting, my poor eyes.


Arrgh breakages break hearts and nobody needs that...Frank Void stands behind the pieces he builds each is considered, made with love and intent and passes through his hands many times in the making process, this is the quality control process and only the best make it through, so if you think your vessels is not quite right or has broken unfairly let us know we would love to replace it.