F A Q ' S


Delivery TImes

I usually pack and send orders same day definitely within in 1 - 2 days.

Deliver is via Australia Post standard parcel post. To date they have been great, depending on where you reside it takes around 3+ days.

You will be sent a tracking number so you follow your purchase right to your front door.

Click and Collect

If it is more convenient and you can get to Palm Beach on the Gold Coast to collect, select option at checkout and look forward to a hello, we could also do a studio show and tell?!


I get it that you may want to hold and feel your Frank Void vessel before purchase, but is hard to do digitally! So to help if you are not completely happy with the feel in your hand, so happy for you to return it within 7 days, but the postage is on you!

Shipping Costs


Flat rate $8 for all orders under $120

Free Freight for all orders over $120


Frank Void can make it to most countries, if your country is not already listed please let us know.

International Shipping is calculated by weight, shipping costs will appear at time of checkout. Or contact for quote/cost.


I would love to design and print custom packaging for Frank Void to deliver your wares, but have made the decision in favour of responsibility to the environment.

So the game was on for new technologies and reuse ingenuity. A lot of thought, trial, testing and error went into the current packaging and will continue as we search for that right balance.

I hope you can see the understated effort and past what would of been nice high impact custom branding! But we feel better that what is going to the trash is already up-cycled or enviro friendly and hope you do to.

Our top focus:

Environmentally friendly.

Safe transit of vessels.

Nice presentation/experience.

Balanced against.

Efficiency in time to prepare.

Size / cost to ship.

Personalised packaging.

Great presentation.

Frank Void Branding. 

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle

Outers - Reuse outer boxes sourced from a local businesses (mostly)

Padding - Combination of cut down reused boxes, purchased recycled non bleach brown paper.

Love notes - Hand written v custom printed.

Tape - 100% recyclable Paper tape that use natural starch adhesive v standard plastic tape.

Labels - We print our own labels under Australia Post guidelines so we can both track and get email updates. We are still looking for a better solution to current labels! Any suggestion would be taken on board...



Frank Void vessels are designed and created to live in a commercial environment they are both functional and food safe. They can survive the microwave, dishwasher or oven.

But best practice like all things loved and cherished would be to treat with care and hand wash for longevity.

All surfaces are sealed on your Frank Void vessel either with glaze that you can see or on the raw surface of the clay body has been sealed with a food safe sealer that repels water & other liquids, & greatly minimises the staining caused by fats, acids & alkalis.


Each and every Frank void vessel is handmade Frank Void and carefully considered to be as perfect as the original design intended. But each will have makers marks unique to each piece we celebrate these and take care not to fix them, these are the personality traits and the beauty that is individually handmade.

Every vessels starts as a specific weight and mix of clay this is the consistent, in the making process  Frank measures to width, tolerances will be within +/- 5mm.

The image of this product is shot to represent the vessel colour and tone as close as possible. It will be slightly different in real life, due to the magic of camera, digital, screens, lighting, my poor eyes.


Arrgh breakages break hearts and nobody needs that...Frank Void stands behind the pieces he builds each is considered, made with love and intent and passes through his hands many times in the making process, this is the quality control process and only the best make it through, so if you think your vessels is not quite right or has broken unfairly let us know we would love to replace it.