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Favourite Green Pancake

A Green Pancake does not sell in how delicious this savoury Breakfast is! If we hadn't named it a Green pancake i am sure the kids would of been onboard. The beauty of this meal is you can swap and change the ingredients or scrap together what you have on hand. We are spoilt and have a 2 local Growers markets, Saturday Morning Palm Beach Framers Market and Thursday the Currumbin Community Markets allows us to constantly top up with fresh leafy dark greens and a huge variety of herbs if the vegie garden is not providing...

Besides being the most delicious it feels good to get a large dose of greens and herbs consumed... Originally adopted from Gwyneth Paltrow "Clean Plate"

2 Heaped hand full of dark leafy green of your choice (kale, chard, spinach)

1 good hand full of HERBS! Dill, Coriander, Parsely, Mint are my go to.

3/4 cup Chickpea flour

3/4 cup water

Table spoon Olive Oil


Fresh Chopped Chille

Salt & Pepper to taste

Poached egg ontop for indulgence

Finely Chop all ingredients,.

Mix flour and water in a separately.

Heat non stick small saucepan to med/high 6

Add flour/water mix to Greens stir through and add some olive oil & options.

Will make one fat pancake or 2 thinner.

Cook about 8 minutes each side or till brownish and releases from bottom of pan, it should hold together to flip.

Add more oil around edges as cooks to make crunchy.

Serve with homemade tomato relish and yogurt. YUM


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