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R E F I N I N G I will know the end result when I see it, however the path is not yet clear…  Stop, just stop regroup, reflect, escape the bubble of frenetic creation and see your work for what and where it really is, look back objectively, start again then move forward with clarity… That bubble of frenetic creation gets a good roll on with a mind and energy of its own…this is the excitement of the creative process and what keeps us motivated but for me it also a signal, a sign to stop, reflect, consolidate my position and bring in a good dose of objectivity. This may sound like wise self-awareness acted on consciously, if only that was true. It is really a smack to the back of the head triggered by yet another finished piece that you catch out of the corner of your eye that is just not right stacking up with his friends. This is how it starts. It is hard to stop, you can justify being busy just to be busy that’s what we are rewarded on. Even if we master time management and create free time do you use it? When I do stop there is a lag of time, I get busy cleaning until it catches up, cleaning, cleansing, sorting, arranging and more cleaning until the lag catches, by then I have a blank canvas of both studio and mind. Objectively, separate from my ego and self-worth I can now question my latest work honestly and although the answers are mostly confronting, disheartening and discouraging you can see lessons and skills learnt in your progression to the present and feel a small burn of excitement for future potential. It is from this small burn of possibilities laid before a path of clarity that growth materialises. Stop, re-evaluate, fine-tune, move forward. As difficult as this process is, it is my process, it permits results. It delivers focus. This time, in the end, it begins with test tiles to finalise clay bodies, glaze fits and a promise to producing tighter tolerances on forms.


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