Art Series Cup

Art Series Cup


Art Series Tumblers: created in a specific period of time from a mix of recycled clay, from all the work that has come before it.  The result, a unique coloured clay body that creates limited edition Tumblers with Series number.


The original Basalt dinted cup has been refined over time with solid base and fine walls for a balanced sophisticated feel in the hand. Making it perfect for Chai, Turmeric and tea that is not required to be 100c.


Made with love and intent 


OUTSIDE:  Raw clay body* finish.


INSIDE: Clear Glaze


SIZE: Ø 8cm H 8.5cm


VOLUMNE: 8oz / 250ml


COLOURS: Frank Void custom Clear Glaze


*Sealed with a food safe water based sealer for stain proof functional ware.


Each cup is made by hand with love ensuring its own unique character. The internal glaze is applied by Frank in a pouring technique that first fills the cup followed by a twirl and a spin of the wrist pouring it out and over the lip that you can witness uniquely on each piece.

  • CARE

    Frank Void vessels are designed and created to live in a commercial environment they are both functional and food safe. They will survive the microwave, dishwasher or oven.

    But best practice like all things loved and cherished would be to treat with care and hand wash for longevity.

    All surfaces are sealed on your Frank Void vessel either with glaze that you can see or on the raw surface of the clay body has been sealed with a food safe sealer that repels water & other liquids, & greatly minimises the staining caused by fats, acids & alkalis.

    Except for long last lisp sticks!! keep them away.


    Photo of image is shot to represent the vessel as close as possible but may vary slightly in real life.